Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Italian Potato Gnocchi makes a great meal, side dish or snack. There are so many ways to garnish this as well. You can simply serve with tomato sauce or you can add spinach to the mix. You may also fry it gently with butter and sage. You can add truffle oil or any spices or items to your desire. Experiment and have fun!

It is extremely easy to make. What we do is use our ALPImix for Potato Gnocchi put it in the mixer and add 130 percent water to the mix. You mix it together for a few minutes until you get a smooth textured mix. Then you roll the dough into a round cylinder shape about .8 inches thick and cut into small pieces. As you are making the shape in the forming process, it is important to always use rice flour. You can shape them accordingly as well. Add a twist or put special markings on them to dress them up as well.

When they are cut and ready to cook you boil water and add gnocchi. Cook for approximately 1-2 min. tops. As soon as they rise to top they are done. Remove immediately. Then serve as you desire.

This can also be frozen as well. Keep in mind if you freeze the gnocchi to add rice flour to the gnocchi to keep them from sticking together. Check our catalog out for the natural ingredients in our mix and for additional information.

Bon Appetite!

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